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Welcome to the new and exciting world of Kreative Cakes, where you can turn any ordinary cupcake into a fantastic Kreative cupcake!


Firstly what can I say:

Kreative Cakes is changing!


All our new products are now available on line.

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 We are working towards adding lots of new and exciting items over the coming months.

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We are pleased to announce that we have now stopped selling on eBay! I know this will come as a shock to our many loyal customers over the years seeing as we were  heading towards the 160,000 mark, but we must do what enables us to offer a better service to our customers whilst still working towards our own goals and continuing High Standards.


We will be updating the photo galleries, so if you do have any photos of your Kreative cakes that you wish to share please can you email them to us or post them on our Face Book page.


If there is anything you need please get in contact with us and thank you all for you continued support


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